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Love Gives DIY

You can make a difference in the community

Welcome to Love Gives DIY!  Here's how you can start your own fundraising event or campaign to benefit the Yee Hong Love Gives Capital Campaign.


  1. Complete the form below to submit your idea for a fundraiser.

  2. The Yee Hong Foundation team will review your submission and help set up your fundraising page on the Love Gives DIY website!

  3. After your fundraiser is set up, invite your family and friends to support you as a donor or to join the team and raise funds themselves!  Send your fundraising page URL to quickly get donations!


Here are a few ideas you can do for Love Gives DIY:

  • Group meals

  • Board game nights

  • Crafting or painting get-together

  • Sport event

  • Challenge event (eg. cut your hair, wear funny costume, etc. after reaching your fundraising goal)

  • Just a regular donation page

  • And much more!


If you have questions about what you can do for Love Gives DIY, please contact the Foundation at or call 416-321-0777.

Monopoly Board

Host Your Own Fundraiser - Clara's Story


This spring, the spotlight is on Clara Leung, who hosted a fundraising exercise class to celebrate her retirement in March!

Clara’s passion for our seniors is truly inspiring – not only through nearly 20 years of dedicated service at Yee Hong Garden Terrace, but also her kind support for many of our fundraisers.

Though she has retired from her full-time position, she will stay on part-time with Yee Hong Community and Professional Services to help seniors stay active and engaged, as well as continue volunteering in the Yee Hong Family Division of our Love Gives Capital Campaign.

Want to set up your own fundraiser?  Contact our team today at or 416-321-0777.

Love Gives DIY Fundraiser Application

Thanks for applying to Love Gives DIY! We'll get back to you soon.

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