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Yee hong Corporate Partnership program

Partnering to make a difference in the community

Yee Hong Corporate Partnership program is one of the major fundraising initiatives for the Yee Hong Love Gives Capital Campaign.  It is a new program specifically designed to recognize the collective contribution given by individuals of a corporation in support of our seniors’ quality of life.  

In order to raise sufficient funds for the building of the three urgently needed new Yee Hong long-term care centres in Scarborough, Markham and Mississauga, we need to mobilize the business community and we are hoping more corporations will participate in this program.  Total estimated construction cost for the three new homes is $320 million, and our immediate goal is to raise $30 million to kick-start construction of the new Finch centre in Scarborough.

To find out more information about this recognition program, please contact Yee Hong Foundation at 416-321-0777 or​.

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The CCRPA YEE HONG HEROES fundraising campaign was officially launched at CCRPA’s (Canada-China Realty Professional Association) 16th Charity Awards Gala on May 29, 2022.  Yee Hong is extremely grateful that CCRPA has committed to support Yee Hong Capital Campaign by raising $1 million in the next five years.  

“While we are celebrating the success of CCRPA since its establishment 16 years ago, we haven’t forgotten our responsibilities and commitments to give back to the community,” said Steven Sun, President of CCRPA.

Let’s give an applause to their great contribution!

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CCRPA YEE HONG HEROES campaign launch

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