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Fundraising kit

Join Us In Fundraising - The Time Is Now!

Yee Hong has embarked on a Capital Campaign of building 3 new long-term care centres in Scarborough, Markham and Mississauga.  The new facilities will add 800 more beds to the community, and help shorten seniors’ wait time for essential geriatric care.  Currently, the wait time for a Yee Hong bed can be up to 10 years.


The total estimated construction cost for the new centres is $300 million.  Our immediate step is to raise $80 million to kick-start.  This is a huge goal and Yee Hong is very committed - but we need your help!  Not only that you can support us by donating, you can also help spread the good word to your friends, family, colleagues or business partners within your network.  If you are interested to host your own fundraising event for the Love Gives Capital Campaign, please feel free to contact us at 416-321-0777 or for any assistance you require. 


In order to optimize your fundraising experience, please find the main components of the Campaign Fundraising Toolkit below.  Let’s work together and help shorten seniors’ wait time for essential long-term care.  Our seniors deserve the best in their golden years!

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